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Local producer of Gerbera
About us

We are producers of freshly cut flowers from the 90's. The love for this field started with the production of Tuberose, a flower that we continue to produce during the summer with great pleasure. 
We started the production of gerbera in 2008 with a small greenhouse of 900 m2, the extension came immediately in 2009 when we added another greenhouse of 3000 m2. Since then, two more investments have followed in 2013 and 2019, bringing the total cultivated area to 15,000 m2 today.
We are a family business in which we work for two generations to produce over 50 varieties of Gerbera (Standard, Mini, Fireworx, Pomponi, Pasta) 

Our greenhouses are located in Floresti-Stoenesti Commune Giurgiu County, 30 km from Bucharest on the A1. The production is made with the highest available technology brought from the Netherlands, in order to produce the same quality as the big gerbera greenhouses, but with the extra advantage of freshness. Our goods are delivered to florists or wholesale partners within 24 hours of harvest.

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